• Dr. David Wright achieved his MD in July of 2010, graduating Suma Cum Laude from Xavier University School of Medicine. His primary emphases in medical school were forensic psychiatry, addiction psychiatry (addiction medicine), and neurology. While attending medical school, Dr. Wright concurrently completed 2 Masters degrees back to back: an MBA and an MHSA. After completing his MD and both Masters degrees, Dr. Wright continued his educational pursuits by completing a Certificate in Strategic Management in 2012 and a Certificate in Human Resources Management in 2013, and a Marketing Certificate in 2015. Simultaneously, in 2012, Dr. Wright completed every research training program offered to physicians by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), including GCP (Good Clinical Practices), PHRP (Protection of Human Research Participants), and CRT (Clinical Research Training) Certifications. After graduating from medical school, Dr. Wright began working as a forensic consultant for PACT Atlanta, LLC and Atlanta West Primary Care, PC.

  • Dr. Wright has a keen interest in finding novel ways of assessing and assisting patients who suffer from psychiatric disorders. These interests include the following: (1) The use of safe, efficacious medications in the treatment of psychiatric disorders (2) The use of nutritional, holistic, naturopathic, and alternative modalities in treating psychiatric and non-psychiatric disorders (3) The use of non-medicinal products, services, and technologies to enable patients to contribute to the active, consistent management of their own psychiatric conditions.

  • Dr. Wright has written numerous papers on healthcare policy/management, Medicare & Medicaid systems & procedures, healthcare integration strategies, federal healthcare regulatory policies (FDA, CMS, EPA, NIH, CDC, Etc.), Mental Health, & on numerous public health issues and approaches. In all, he has written well over 200 post-graduate academic papers. Dr. Wright is a member of numerous professional healthcare organizations and societies, including the Atlanta Medical Association (AMA), the Oldest Society for Physicians of Color in the US, and the Black Psychiatrists Of Greater Atlanta (BPGA).

  • Dr. Wright has a commitment to public service and to giving back to the community. This commitment is especially expressed when it comes to giving back to community groups who have adversely suffered due to financial difficulties, lower socio-economic status, racial and ethnic disparities, and social disadvantages. As such, he has been volunteering his talents, skills, and knowledge to the following organizations over the past 2 decades: Helping People With AIDS (HPWA), the Ryan White Foundation, the Ryan Cameron Foundation, the Community Health & Men's Promotion Summit (CHAMPS), the Redan-Hairston Family Medicine Community Health Fair, The Cardio Smart Health Fair, & the "Keepin' It Healthy" Health Fair; among others…

  • Dr. Wright is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, & Psychoanalyst

  • Dr. Wright is presently accepting new patients

  • Dr. Wright offers all prospective patients a free initial consultation

  • Dr. Wright believes that the Best Method of helping patients to achieve their goals is by gaining access to the Subconscious [Unconscious] Mind. It is there that the answers to lasting change reside. If working with the Conscious Mind (which is what most modern talk therapies employ) were the Best Method of Achieving Change, then more people would already be living the lives they've consistently desired. The primary reason why they haven't achieved lasting change is because they've tried to achieve change by treating the symptoms on the surface, while allowing the deeper, real dilemmas to fester, grow, and thrive…

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